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Star Trek Clasic Ships CD

 Classic Star Trek Ships CD
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Special Instructions for Commercial Printers

Note: you can print this page by clicking on "File" at the top, 
left side of the window and then selecting "Print".

How To Print the Calendar's Pictures:

The High Resolution files are located in the "Artwork" directory on the CD.  They are optimized to print as 8 by 10 inch pictures with a half inch border on each side and a quarter inch border top and bottom on 8.5 by 11 paper.  If you print full page images, part of the image will be cropped or distorted. 

Commercial Printing and Binding:
The owner of this "Classic Star Trek Ships CD" can have you print the images any number of times for their personal, non commercial use in accordance with the copyright notice below.

Special Instructions to the Print Shop
When using "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to list and copy the files you can activate the "AutoPlay" feature on the CD if you are not careful.  "AutoPlay" Is the default when you click on the CD Drive name on the right hand side of the window.  "Expand" is the default when you click on the CD Drive name on the left hand side of  the window in the "Folders" section.

To Bypass the "AutoPlay" feature, right click on the CD Drive name (with the right mouse button) and select  "Explore" from the menu.


Copyright Notice

You can install the images on this CD onto a single computer for your personal, non commercial use. You can print the images any number of times for your personal, non commercial use.  Do not copy, post or distribute the images in any other way.  The following copyrights apply.

All of the original names, images and objects are Copyrighted by their various owners: Paramount Pictures, Hallmark, Micro Machines, Galoob, Furuta, Playmates, Polar Lights, Playing Mantis and NASA.  The resulting compositions are Copyrighted by Freelance Ink and Tom Heald.  All rights reserved.

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