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Star Trek Clasic Ships CD

 Classic Star Trek Ships CD
User Guide


You must have a system with a CD or DVD reader, color printer and a standard web browser to print the pictures and calendar pages on this CD.  Most late model IBM and Apple compatible systems will do; although, the CD has only been tested on systems running Windows 98 and XP.

To bind your calendar so you can hang it on a wall, you may need a standard 3 ring binder, a 3 hole punch and a single hole punch.  None are provided with the CD. 


Make sure YOU and your system are capable of doing the following before ordering this CD. 

  • Do you know how to Copy the Files distributed on the CD into a Folder on your system?  The files are large and require about 6 megabytes of disk space.  Each  file is about 0.5 megabytes in its compressed form and over 5 megabytes in their uncompressed form when edited or sent to a printer.  Note: you do not need to copy the files to your system to print them. 
  • Do you know how to Print High Resolution pictures on your Color printer?  Note:  If you are not running Windows XP you need to know how to to use the picture processing software that normally comes with most color printer, or a commercially available graphic editor.
  • You can use the images on this CD with the built in Screen saver on Windows XP (instructions included) or use the Screen saver distributed on the CD for Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.  If you have a different system  you may need to use or acquire a screen saver from another source.  
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Ent C To read the Installation Guide and Display or Print the Calendar pages.
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What's On the CD:

Read Me folder:  Contains the User's Guide and calendar pages.   All of the files are in HTML format and can be displayed or printed with a standard web browser.  There is no web browser distributed with the CD.  The folder is approximately 2 megabytes in size including its image folder.

Artwork folder:  Contains all 49 unique high resolution, compositions at 1200 by 1500 pixels, 24 bit color images.  They are designed to print 8 by 10 inch pictures at 150 pixels per inch.  Most printers convert pixels to dpi by multiplying by the number of dots printed per pixel, so 3 color printers will print at 450 dpi, 4 (3 colors + black) at 600, 6 at 900 dpi and 7 at 1050 dpi.   Most older printers that print at 300 dpi or less, will automatically scale the images down to fit properly.  All of the pictures are in the "jpeg" format.  The folder is approximately 6 megabytes in size. 

Screen Saver folder:  You can use the images on this CD with the built in Screen saver on Windows XP (instructions included) or use the gPhotoShow Screen saver in this folder for Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. 

Space Ships folder:  This bonus folder contains over 500 unique pictures collected over the years from the Internet.   They include ships from: Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Stargate SG1, Andromeda and others.   The folder is approximately 60 megabytes in size.

NASA folder:  This bonus folder contains over 200 pictures of the Universe collected over the years from the NASA web site.   They include high resolution pictures of galaxies, nebulas, planets and other scenes from space.   The folder is approximately 160 megabytes in size.

The Screen Saver software distributed on this CD supports Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP only.  Read the Requirements and Compatibility sections above for more information.


Copyright Notice

You can install the images on this CD onto a single computer for your personal, non commercial use. You can print the images any number of times for your personal, non commercial use.  Do not copy, post or distribute the images in any other way.  The following copyrights apply.

All of the original names, images and objects are Copyrighted by their various owners: Paramount Pictures, Hallmark, Micro Machines, Galoob, Furuta, Playmates, Polar Lights, Playing Mantis and NASA.  The resulting compositions are Copyrighted by Freelance Ink and Tom Heald.  All rights reserved.

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