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Star Trek: The lost Generation
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Gallery of Classic Star Trek Ships  
Original Compositions by Tom Heald
 Three new Pictures added in April 2011
There are three ways to view the pictures depending on the speed of your Internet connection.   In each case all 50 pictures are shown.  The difference is a trade-off between load-time and ease of use.  Themes are a good place to start.  If you find them too slow use the Slide Show; if fast but tedious try the Albums.
Ent C If you have a high speed non-mobile link you can view all 50 pictures in an album format.  To improve load time, there are 2 albums plus a bonus album of other Enterptises.

Go to Album 1    Go to Album 2
Go to the other Star Trek Ships Album
Ent C If you have a slower link!  Click here to Start the Slide Show in a Separate Window.  It will automatically preload all 50 images while you visit the rest of the site
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Ent C To reduce load-time, the pictures are organized into five themes made up of thumbnails you can click on to view the larger images.  So if you have a slower link, you can chose which pictures to view in higher resolution.
Theme 1: Eleven ships named Enterprise.
Theme 2: The Original Crew's Ships and Aliens encountered.
Theme 3: Scenes from each of the first eleven Star Trek Movies.
Theme 4: Ships from The Next Generation and Deep Space 9.
Theme 5: Ships from Voyager and Enterprise.
There two ways to own the pictures:
Ent C Get High Resolution Images of all 50 of my Classic Star Trek Ships on a CD to use as a Screen Saver or to Print your own Calendar.
Ent C Get even Higher Resolution Images of my Classic Star Trek Ships to print Posters up to 24 by 36 inches.

New images are being added to the gallery all the time while old pictures are retired.   For an explanation of how the images were created, see "About the Pictures" below.  

Let me know if you Like my site & please leave a comment on my Art.
A few Thumbnails from the Gallery including some retired pictures.

About the Pictures

The pictures are a series of composites made from photographs and some original artwork. Most ship images are 5 megapixel photos of my collection of model ships edited to remove wires, hooks, stands, etc.

Some ships are cut from publicity shots posted on the Internet to advertise movies or other shows.  The sources of the ships are identified in each picture's caption.

The backgrounds all come from the NASA web site. They are a collection of high resolution photos collected over the years by NASA.

All of the original names, images and objects are Copyrighted by their various owners: Paramount Pictures, Hallmark, Micro Machines, Galoob, Furuta, Playmates, Polar Lights, Playing Mantis and NASA.  The resulting compositions are Copyrighted by Freelance Ink and are intended for my personal use and the enjoyment of those visiting this site. 

The compositions were chosen for their artistic value rather than an exact depiction of a specific scene from a story.  Each image was built by layering objects on top of a star field or nebula.  Then a variety of planets, galaxies or other interesting objects were masked, cut from their backgrounds and added to the scene.  The final stage was to edit the ships

and detail them with warp fields, lights, emblems, battle damage, etc.

The original images are all 16 by 20 inch digital pictures at 150 pixels per inch.  That comes out to 2400 by 3000 by 24 bit color pixels or about 22 megabytes per image in their raw form.  Large enough to print 24 by 30 inch posters if you have powerful system with lots of memory to edit and print them.

For the CDs the images are 8 by 10 inch pictures at 150 pixels per inch.  That comes out to 1200 by 1500 by 24 bit color pixels or a little over 5 megabytes per image in their raw form.  Just the right size to print 8 by 10 inch images on 8.5 by 11 inch photographic paper organized as a calendar.  

Most printers convert pixels to dpi by multiplying by the number of dots printed per pixel, so 3 color printers will print at 450 dpi, 4 (3 colors + black) at 600, 6 at 900 dpi and 7 at 1050 dpi.   Most older printers that print at 300 dpi or less, will automatically scale the images down to fit properly. 

The images in the Gallery are scaled down to 512 by 410 pixels so they can be loaded over the Internet in a reasonable length of time.  Enjoy the show.

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