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Star Trek: The lost Generation
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Notable Star Trek Web Sites
These are some of my favorite Star Trek, Science Fiction, and related web sites.
If you would like to nominate a site for this list, please let me know and
I will consider adding it to the list.
The cast of the original series. Click to Enlarge.
Star Trek's Official site

This is the official Star Trek web site by Paramount Pictures. It is a great place for Episode guides, history and much, much more.

This award winning site has a great Starship Database with pictures and information on every ship ever mentioned in a Star Trek story.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is where I get the backgrounds for my Star Trek art work.
NASA posts a new picture of the cosmos here every day.

This terrific Star Trek site has news, articles, fan fiction, updates and a
great Starship Database.
The Sci Fi Source
Hundreds of Science Fiction,
Fantasy & Horror sites.
Check it out!
Other "Star Trek" Sites

These are sites that I have trader pointers with.  If you have a site to add to this list just let me know and I will check it out.  

                                Add your Star Trek site here!

To point to my site you can use the following one liner text description.
USS Enterprise C -- Original Art and Fiction.

   Tom Heald's Reading Library  
Read more Science Fiction and other Published Articles
by the author of "A Time Before Yesterday".
   Baen Free Library  
Baen Books has made available — for free — over 60 published Science Fiction and Fantasy titles in several downloadable formats.
Other "Free Book" Sites
These are mostly public domain books whose copyrights have expired, or copyrighted books whose authors have given the specific library permission to distribute them.  Expect to find many of the classics written in the past 5000 years, plus tons of reference books and documents.  The sites listed below clam not to violate any US Copyright laws, unlike some other free books sites.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has over 16,000 books.  Truly a vast resource of classic and contemporary books to download for free.

Online Books

A digital library of 20,000 books and still growing.  This free library is sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. 

Other "Fan Fiction" Sites
Each site contains a good selection of "Fan Fiction" stories:

FanFiction.Net Huge!  Select "TV Shows" then "Star Trek".
UFP Connection A great collection of Star Trek fan fiction and art. Not the biggest, just one of the best.
I am looking for more sites to add to this list
If you would like to exchange banners just let me know and I will check out your site.  The following is an example of a banner for my site.  Use it if you wish. Feel free to edit it to suit your needs.
USS Enterprise C - The Adventure Continues

View a "Gallery of Classic Star Trek Ships" (original art) and read "A Time before Yesterday" a sequel to "Yesterday's Enterprise". The adventure continues as the Enterprise C heads back into the rift.

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