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Order the High Resolution Calendar & Screen saver CD in a Case below.
Resolution = 1200 by 1500 by 24 bit color pixels
Click here for Details.
To Order the Star Trek Classic Ships CD  Unit Price:
High Resolution Calendar and Screen saver Star Trek Classic Ships CD in a Case.
See Shipping and Handling Information below.
$10.00 per CD
plus Postage

Order Higher Resolution versions of any pictures from the Gallery for printing posters.
Resolution = 2400 by 3000 and 2400 by 3600 by 24 bit color pixels
Click here for Details.
To Order Higher Resolution Pictures for Posters up to 24 by 36 inches.  Unit Price:
Just "Copy" and "Paste" the description field into an E-mail for each picture you want.  $8.00 each
I will Print one or more "16 by 20" or "20 by 30" inch posters and mail them you in a Priority mail tube.  Just "Copy" and "Paste" the description field into an E-mail for each picture you want printed.  
See Shipping and Handling Information below.
$20.00 for 1 or
$19.00 each for 2 or more Posters. 
Plus Postage
To place the high resolution pictures on a CD in a Case for mailing.  
See Shipping and Handling Information below.
$3.50 per CD
plus Postage
To send the high resolution pictures over the Internet.   No Charge

Shipping and Handling Information:  S&H Price:
For 1 CD sent via First Class Mail.          (Optional Insurance NOT available) $3.30
For 1 to 6 CD's sent via Priority Mail with Delivery Conformation.        (Insurance OK) $6.60
For any number of Posters sent via Priority Mail with Delivery Conformation.
Will be sent in a Priority Mail Tube.                                                       (Insurance OK)
For the Optional Insurance you must ship via Priority Mail.  You pay the S&H above plus the actual USPS insurance charge based on value as shown to the right.  
For example $1.95 for up to $50.00 in value.
$1.95 for $50 
$2.45 for $100
$3.05 for $200 
International buyers pay actual shipping plus $1.00 handling plus the optional insurance if available.  Contact me with your order and address for the total price including S&H.

How to Order:
To order, simply click here or send an e-mail to with the Number of Calendar CDs you want and the description field from or the file name of each high resolution picture you want.  Make sure you include your address.  When I receive your e-mail I will send you a confirming e-mail with the total price, postage charge and payment information.  Postage will be more if shipped outside the US. 

Payment Information:  My preferred method of payment is via PayPal.  I have 2 PayPal accounts:

  1. Free Personal account for NON Credit or Debit Card payments: (ID = Use PayPal to make an eCheck payment from your checking account. It's free and it will clear faster than sending a check in the mail.
    PayPal has changed their rules!!!  When you make a payment to my personal account you must select "Personal Payment" as the type of payment and not use a credit or debit card otherwise you will be charged a fee. You must also provide your address as PayPal will not provide it on a "Personal Payment".  Non card Personal Payments can be made from your PayPal account via -- an existing balance, eCheck, direct transfer from your bank, etc.  
  2. Fee based Commercial account for Credit or Debit Card payments:  Click here for instructions on how to make a card payment.  It has a fee calculator and my Commercial Account ID. Generally the fee costs about the same as a postage stamp for a small purchase.  For large purchases you can avoid the fee with one of the other payment options below.

Other Payment Methods:
Payment made via PayPal, Money Order or Cashiers Check will ship within 24 hours of receipt.  Make any check or money order payable to Tom Heald.  A Personal Check will be put on deposit for 7 to 8 days to make sure it clears before the item is shipped.

Use Pay me securely from a balance in your PayPal account!, it's fast (no snail-mail), it's better than free (it saves you a stamp), it's secure and your protection is guaranteed by PayPal (click on their logo to check it out). 

Send as a Gift for FREE!
You pay for the item and your friends or family members will receive and a Gift-from-You letter without any pricing information.  All that is needed is a greeting from you and their addresses.

Credit or Debit Card Payments via. Visa MasterCard Discover American Express
If you want to pay the fee charged by Pay me securely with your Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, or American Express through PayPal! for any payment to this account then you must include the fee in your payment.  All payments made to this account will be charged a fee including non credit or debit card payments!  Use my other account for free, non credit or debit card payments.  The fee is 30 cents + 3.1 percent of the amount charged for transactions inside the United States, 4.1% for non US transactions.  To compute your fee:

Enter the total amount owed including any postage and handling fees $ and press the Tab key*
        US PayPal Fee =   Total Amount to Charge = for a US issued Credit Card in the US.
Non-US PayPal Fee =   Total Amount to Charge = for a "Cross Border" (non US) charge.

* Click here for alternatives to the Tab key!

Make your credit card payment to PayPal account (ID = only. Do not make a credit card payment to my other account as I will have to reject it.  If you do not include the fee in your payment than I can not send the item until you make the full payment.  If you make a mistake, send an e-mail to and I will refund your payment so you can resubmit the correct amount.  PayPal will refund the total amount charged including the fee if done within 30 days.  Warning: If you make a mistake or forget to add the fee to your payment and then send the difference in a separate charge, you will be charged an additional fee on that second transaction and you must include its fee in the total.  In essence you could end up paying an extra 35 to 50 cents in fees.

About the fees:  PayPal charges a fee of 30 cents + 2.9% to the amount you charge.  If you live outside the US or your card is issued outside the US and additional 1% "Cross Border" fee is charged by PayPal.  When you add the fee into the amount charged it ups the total charge, so their fee increases proportionally.  Therefore I have to charge 2/10 of a percent more to make up the difference; otherwise, I end up loosing money on each charge.  
Note:  Multiple Currency Transactions also includes a 2.5% Exchange rate fee which will show up on your Credit Card over and above the transaction fee charge by PayPal. 

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Star Trek CD

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